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Hindu Thread Trick

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Hindu Thread Trick

Author/Originator: Marconick et al

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The Hindu Thread Trick or The Gypsy Thread, as it is also known, is one of the most beautiful and mystifying effects in close-up magic. Like almost all classics, the effect is simple, direct and magical. A long length of thread is unravelled and broken off a spool. The spool is set aside and your hands, apart from the piece of thread, are seen to be unmistakably empty. Slowly and deliberately, you now proceed to break this long piece of thread into many smaller pieces. You continue until you are left with one small strand. Gathering up all of the broken pieces, you roll them into a small ball; which you place against the remaining strand. The ball of broken pieces clings to the center of the strand. You now slowly pull the ends of the strand apart and the ball gradually unravels until you are holding a single, long length of thread again. The fact that all of the magic happens at the your fingertips makes the effect seem all the more impossible.

In this new eManuscript from Trickshop.com, we are pleased to bring you the - real work - on this classic effect - from information on the right type of thread to use to over a dozen large, crystal clear color photos that walk you step-by-step through the proper set-up and handling. 8 pages.

NOTE: No thread supplied. Thread can be purchased locally at any sewing goods store. We explain proper type to buy.

The great Fred Kaps performing the Hindu (Gypsy) Thread on stage.

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