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Headline Prediction Methods


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Headline Prediction Methods


Make a Prediction Chest for Under $30?

Prediction ChestYou betcha! In fact, we give you not one, but two practical alternatives to expensive Prediction Chests that run less than $30 for the components (excluding shipping), including where to buy them. Our Improved Grant's Prediction Chest (pictured) requires just one quick and simple modification with a hobby-worker's tool. That's it. No building, no kits to assemble. What's more, the methods are proven and 100% practical. Headline Prediction Methods also looks at basic headline prediction methodologies, types of billets, billet devices, and containers (for the modern performer). It also explains three excellent methods for the popular Letter Prediction, including Dr. Jaks' Prediction, the Rutledge and Thompson Letter Prediction (Before the Presses Roll), and North Bigbee's Registered Letter Prediction. Plus, the real secrets behind Sensational Predictions, like Headline Predictions in concrete and ice blocks; and even the Miracle Prediction of the Age - the full and complete explanation by Robert Nelson of his Prediction Baked in a Loaf of Bread that generated worldwide news coverage. Well presented, there is no more impressive or newsworthy feat in a magician or mentalist's repertoire than the headline prediction. Everyone is fascinated by the idea that someone might be able to predict the future - from the general public to the media. Get this book and put the power of the headline prediction to work for your show!

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